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Many people use dietary supplements to enhance their overall health, fitness and wellness. Some have more specific goals -- such as improving athletic performance or living longer.

Our nutrition experts have answered a variety of questions about vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, amino acids, antioxidants, or other dietary supplements.

General questions about quality and supplements

Q: Who is the editor@ supplementquality.com?

Q: How do I find information on the quality of specific supplements? And how do I judge their quality for myself?

Q: Do we get enough vitamins from the food we eat? Or do we need to take supplements to optimize our health?

Q: How do I select a really good, high quality multivitamin?

Q: Are natural vitamins better than synthetic ones?

Q: Should dietary supplements be kept in the dark or in the refrigerator to lengthen their shelf life?

Q: Do my vitamins and other dietary supplement pills dissolve quickly enough?


Q: I think my supplements are being tampered with. What should I do?

Q: "Talc" is in the list of ingredients on my supplement label. Isn't this dangerous?

Specific supplements & ingredients

Q: Calcium: What are the differences among the various types? Which kind is best for post-menopausal women? When should it be taken?

Q: "Chelated": What does this term mean? Is a chelated mineral of better quality than other kinds?

Q: Folic acid, B6, B12, and L-arginine: How much is beneficial for an older person to take?

Q: Can taking ephedra (ma huang) cause a false positive result on a drug test, such as for sports or an employer?

Weight / muscle gain

Q: Are there any nutritional supplements that can help me gain muscle weight? Do they have side effects? Do weight-gain supplements contain any steroids?

Q: What about muscle building-and-recovery supplements for women? I've heard that research shows that supplements designed for men are of little value to women. Are there any supplements or vitamins/minerals that will aid women in boosting strength, losing weight, and increasing recovery time?

Q: How does ZMA work? Are there any side effects? What is the important information for me to know?

Weight loss

Q: Does GABA really work to help lose weight?




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