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The best prescription is knowledge.
—C. Everett Koop

Research news

The Antioxidant Sky is Not Falling - Alarmist headlines recently suggested that antioxidants and vitamins do not help you live longer and might even shorten life. Once again, the news media's impulse to sensationalize a story has skewed the factual data about supplements and delivered "the wrong message" to millions of people around the world.

Research news

Fish Oil Versus Flax Seed Oil—Which is Better? - Numerous authorities tout the health benefits of eating fish, yet concerns about contaminants persist. Is flax seed oil a better source for obtaining those vital omega-3s?

With Diabetes Surging Some Look For Alternative Treatment - Over a third of American adults now suffer from or are at risk for this disease. Research indicates that several dietary supplements can be useful for lowering and controlling insulin and blood sugar levels.

Headline news

What's in Your Multi-vitamin? - Doctors now recommend taking a daily multi-vitamin, and millions of Americans are doing so—but how do you choose among the hundreds of brands and formulations on the market?

Includes chart of recommended daily intakes of vitamins and minerals for healthy adults, both minimums and maximums.

When "Fatty" is Good: Omega-3 Oils and Fatty Acids - Many Americans have embraced low-fat diets and foods. But some fats help us fight heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. What are these "good" fats and how do we get enough of them?

butyric acidChemical and Physical Structure of Fatty Acids - The terminology surrounding fatty acids can be confusing. Looking at their structure helps us understand which are the "good fats" and which are the "bad" ones.

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