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Herbal Trade Association Unveils HerbMed™ Database.
Silver Spring MD, 3 July 2002

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) today significantly expanded its ability to provide unbiased evidence based research on over 160 medicinal herbs by incorporating the acclaimed herbal database, "HerbMed™, into the Association's website at www.ahpa.org/herbmed/.

"Hands down, HerbMed™ is the most comprehensive interactive herbal database," said Michael McGuffin, President of the American Herbal Products Association. "AHPA is thrilled to be able to provide objective information to the public and to its members that organizes and provides links to the latest scientific literature and to traditional data regarding the use of therapeutic herbs."

HerbMed™ catalogs all available modern day studies carried out on each herb with direct links to the available scientific publications and study abstracts. Continually updated, the database presents published evidence of herbal efficacy and activity, side effects and interactions, historical data, and other significant information for over 160 botanicals.

HerbMed™ was designed and developed by the Alternative Medicine Foundation, Inc. (AMFI) and launched in 1998 as a public service. The data is researched, compiled, and reviewed by a well qualified team of scientists and herbalists. To maintain its independence, HerbMed™ accepts only unconditional financial support.

"The relationship between AMFI and AHPA is an obvious one since AHPA is the leader in advancing the responsible manufacture and sale of herbal products for consumers and HerbMed™ is the leading resource for impartial herbal data," said Jackie Wootton, President of AMFI. "By incorporating HerbMed™ onto its website, AHPA provides a credible information resource for herb companies, scientific researchers, regulators and consumers seeking published third party literature on medicinal botanicals."

The American Herbal Products Association, founded in 1983, serves its members by promoting the responsible manufacture and sale of products that contain herbs. For more information, visit, www.ahpa.org.

The Alternative Medicine Foundation (AMFI) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1998 to provide responsible and reliable information about alternative medicine to the public and health professionals (www.amfoundation.org). The HerbMed™ database was founded in 1998 by AMFI as an innovative way to provide "as is" neutral access to the data underlying the medicinal use of herbs. For more information about HerbMed™, go to www.herbmed.org/about.asp.


American Herbal Products Association, news release, 3 July 2002.end-of-story



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