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News about dietary supplements

Headline news: In-depth reportage about events in the headlines

Editorials: Opinions on controversies and policy questions about supplements, their safety, and regulation

Interviews: Interviews with supplement researchers and industry leaders

Testing: News about independent testing of supplements, certification programs, and plant inspections

Research: News about research initiatives

News bites: Summaries of recent news stories

Cautions: Safety guidelines, cautions, warnings, and potential hazards, including specific supplements and products

Issues related to quality of dietary supplements

Health benefits: Standard terminology for supplements, what constitutes scientific evidence for a health benefit claim, and how to evaluate scientific research

Safety: Concerns about contamination of supplements, their toxicity and safety, reporting of adverse events (side effects), and industry initiatives on tracking adverse events

Reading labels: New rules for dietary supplement labels, kinds of health benefit claims companies can make, label information about ingredients and dosages, expiration dates, dissolution and bioavailability, and certification claims

Ask the supplier: Description of supply chain from raw ingredients to retail shelves, and questions about quality you can ask the manufacturer or supplier

Standards & Regulations: Creating a quality model, different types of standards, pros and cons of standards, competing standards, testing products for quality, dosage recommendations, good manufacturing practices, self-regulatory quality standards, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety monitoring, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and advertising claims, state laws, health benefit claims, RDA and recommended intake values, funding of research at the NIH, possible future regulations from FDA and CODEX

Links to additional sources of information about supplements

For consumers

About scientific research

Industry organizations & publications

Government laws & regulations

Ask the expert: Questions and answers about dietary supplements

About DSQI: History and goals of Dietary Supplement Quality Initiative

Bookstore: Recommended reading from herbalists, doctors, and other experts on dietary supplements

Glossary: Brief definitions of terms commonly used

Disclaimer: Content on this website is not a substitute for advice from a medical or alternative health practitioner

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