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Flexcin™ Joint/Pain Solution Launches to Retail Market
Ft. Meyers FL, 2 December 2003

Flexcin International, Inc. today announced the retail marketing launch of Flexcin, their new dietary supplement for joint health and mobility with the patented compound, CM8™.

CM8 (Cetyl Myristoleate), the most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient in Flexcin, was specially developed to improve patient recovery rates. Flexcin International required eight specific "markers" to achieve the desired effectiveness level that gives Flexcin its market superiority. Other specially developed, market-superior Flexcin ingredients include 120 mg of highly-refined Collagen Type II, their high-end custom-formulated Glucosamine complex for easier absorption into the bloodstream and enhanced for easy tolerance MSM.

"Flexcin is clinically proven to improve joint health for Americans of all ages," said Tamer Elsafy, CEO/President. Flexcin has begun a vigorous national radio and print advertising program in addition to a targeted national publicity campaign.

Manufactured in the United States in an FDA approved facility, Flexcin reverses the progress of degenerative joint disorders, acts as a rheumatic lubricant, functions as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, performs as an analgesic, boosts the immune system, and helps rebuild damaged cartilage and promote healing.

"Flexcin is a natural alternative that can be used in a broad range of conditions," stated practicing internist and medical journalist, Dr. David Vastola. "It is inexpensive, easy to take, the body tolerates it well and it has CM8. It works! I am not aware of any other product like it."


Flexcin International, Inc. (www.flexcin.com).end-of-story


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