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New Supplement Allows Humans to Grow New Muscle
Colorado Springs CO, 9 May 2002

After more than a year of research and clinical studies, Biotest Laboratories announces the release of Myostat™ Super-Transforming Growth Factor™, a new muscle-building supplement that binds to the myostatin protein and, for the first time ever, allows for safe new muscle growth in humans.

Biotest discovered CSP-3™, the myostatin binder, while experimenting with a rare form of marine algae called Cystoseira canariensis.

The discovery of this hydroponically grown Canary Islands "super algae" by-product has allowed Biotest to remove the genetic limitations to muscle growth, making it possible for the "average" human to become "super-human." But instead of causing existing muscle fibers to grow larger through hypertrophy, Myostat™ enables the proliferation of brand-new muscle cells.

CSP-3™ is orally bioavailable and has already proven to be well tolerated by the body. Furthermore, inhibiting myostatin won't affect the heart or structures other than skeletal muscle, making it very safe. In fact, Biotest claims that it's not only safe, it's healthy. In a study funded by the National Institutes of Health and conducted at Johns Hopkins University, researchers found that inhibiting myostatin is potentially an effective way to "prevent or treat obesity and associated conditions, like diabetes."

According to Biotest's CEO, Tim Patterson, the applications of this product extend far beyond the bodybuilding community. "I believe this is one of those rare times when everyone from scientists to athletes is going to be blown away -- that when all is said and done, bodybuilding and sports in general will be changed in an incredibly positive way," Patterson says.

Myostat™ is available exclusively through BiotestEdge.com (www.BiotestEdge.com).


Biotest Laboratories, via PR Newswire.end-of-story


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