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Research Indicates ProAlgaZyme May Decrease Risk of Stroke or Heart Attack
Tempe AZ, 20 January 2004

Algae Extract Degrades Abnormal Fibrin Debris Known to Create Blood Vessel Blockage

Health Enhancement Products, Inc., today announced that an independent study conducted by the Biochemistry Department at Arizona State University concluded that the Company's flagship product, ProAlgaZyme, possesses fibrinolytic properties, required in the breakdown of pathological fibrin gel, thus decreasing the risk of a stroke or heart attack.

Pathological or abnormal fibrin gel is a result of free radicals activating the coagulation or clotting mechanism in the body creating a soluble substance. This soluble fibrin gel may cause a thickening of the blood, reducing the flow and possibly creating blockages in smaller blood vessels. These blockages are a leading cause of strokes and heart attacks.

The fibrin gel will also coat many of the body's defense mechanisms such as small antibodies, white blood cells, and other immune complexes, restricting their effectiveness. In the case of free-floating cancer cells, the gel covers the cells and prevents the immune system from identifying them.

As an individual becomes older, he or she not only has greater exposure to toxic free radicals, but the natural production of proteolytic enzymes becomes less. The in vitro (test-tube) studies conducted at Arizona State University found that ProAlgaZyme, a plasmin-like enzyme, will neutralize the toxic or free radical- acting soluble fibrins that are released into the body, thereby enhancing the degradation of pathological soluble fibrin gel.

DeWall J. Hildreth, DO, Director of Medical Research of Health Enhancement Products, Inc., commented, "Clinical research studies over the past three years have consistently shown a suppression of free radical activity caused by tissue destruction in acute and chronic diseases. This detoxification or neutralization of the free radical toxins is accomplished by a proteolytic enzyme called plasmin, which the body produces naturally, but becomes less efficient with age. The Biochemistry Department at Arizona State University has confirmed that the natural fresh water algae plant, exclusive to Health Enhancement Products, Inc. and used to create ProAlgaZyme, produces an active enzyme with the same characteristics as plasmin. As a result, ProAlgaZyme can effectively breakdown the soluble gel and limit the risk of a heart attack or stroke."

Howard Baer, Chief Executive Officer of Health Enhancement Products, Inc., said, "The study provides conclusive evidence of the efficacy of ProAlgaZyme. We have done extensive testing internally on AIDS/HIV, diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome and other chronic disabilities using this product. However, this is the first test conducted by an independent third party that have confirmed some of our results. We are extremely encouraged with the findings and are confident that once the market becomes aware of the results, it will help generate increased demand worldwide for our ProAlgaZyme product."

"Concurrent with the testing at Arizona State University, we have rebranded our ReplenTish line of products and launched more consumer-friendly packaging. We are in discussions with several major retailers and are optimistic about our prospects for 2004."

About Health Enhancement Products, Inc.

Health Enhancement Products, Inc. is a nutraceutical company directed specifically at the development and marketing of supplementary health-enhancing products using only pure, all-natural and herbal extracts. In particular, Health Enhancement's products use beneficial herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts in varying combinations to address common or specific illnesses.

The company's primary product is ProAlgaZyme, an immune system enhancer that is produced from algae grown in 100% purified water. The algae produces an enzyme as a means of protecting itself from exposure to outside disease and harmful bacteria. The enzyme is then drawn off, filtered, tested and bottled for consumption.

Recent clinical trials performed by Health Enhancement Products have indicated that ProAlgaZyme may increase and activate the white blood cells in individuals whose white cells are low or inactive, in effect enhancing the immune system. The company is currently doing internal clinical trials on several illnesses and diseases with ProAlgaZyme, including various types of cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For further information for Health Enhancement Products, Inc. or ProAlgaZyme, visit their website: www.heponline.com.


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