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Supplement Developed by KGB Tames Risks of Alcohol-Related Diseases

Los Angeles CA, 26 April 2004
Source: Spirit Sciences USA, Inc.

A joint study conducted by Russia's top three scientific research institutes has concluded that the supplement pill RU-21 could have a distinct effect on alcohol metabolism, which would help reduce alcohol-related harm to the human body. These findings will be published in the British scientific journal Addiction Biology. RU-21 is an all-natural formula currently marketed in the United States as a dietary supplement.

The test results showed that RU-21 reduces the toxicity of ethyl alcohol by inhibiting the production rate of acetic aldehyde, the main poison of alcohol. "Acetic aldehyde boosts the chances of developing about 60 diseases, including alcoholism, several cancers, liver cirrhosis and neuropsychological disorders, and also contributes to hangover effects, such as headache, nausea, etc," says Vladimir Nuzhny, MD, Chief of Laboratory of Toxicology at the National Research Center on Addiction of the Russian Ministry of Public Health.

The study was carried out in accordance with the NIAAA (National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) guidelines. Participating institutions included National Research Center on Addiction of the Russian Ministry of Public Health, Moscow University of Friendship and Russian Scientific Research Institute of Health.

Spirit Sciences USA, Inc., the company that owns the RU-21 brand, says the findings are beneficial for the product certification process currently underway in many countries. And Russian clinical trials are admissible in most countries, including the US. "Most importantly, it gives us an opportunity to again stress the point that RU-21 should not be perceived as an anti-hangover pill," says CEO Emil Chiaberi, "but as a supplement that should be taken even when minimal amounts of alcohol are consumed to reduce its toxic effects on the body."

RU-21 has already become a worldwide phenomenon with millions of pills selling on all five continents. Once the KGB's secret project decades ago, RU-21 became a trendy lifestyle product recently due in large part to its popularity among fashion models and Hollywood stars.

Spirit Sciences acknowledges that RU-21 caused a fair amount of controversy with some critics suggesting that its strong anti-hangover effect may promote excessive drinking. The company considers such criticism unfounded on the basis that all scientific evidence available to date points to contrary.

Many medical professionals agree. "There is no scientific evidence that harm reduction, including hangover prevention, causes rise in alcohol consumption rates," says Dr. Igor Persidsky of Long Beach, California. "But there is plenty of evidence showing how hangovers can promote drinking and alcohol dependence. A person who is experiencing a hangover is simply more likely to consume alcohol just to alleviate the symptoms."

Stephanie Ewing, a registered dietician at the University of California in Sacramento, has received many inquiries about RU-21 from students and is also positive about the product. "I get great feedback from those who have used it and it seems to really benefit those who drink in moderation," she says. "A product like this was long overdue and I'm glad the Russians are sharing with us their alcohol-countering techniques, which I'm sure they are very qualified to do."

About Spirit Sciences USA, Inc.

Spirit Sciences is a research-oriented multinational corporation specializing in developing, testing, manufacturing and marketing of breakthrough health-related products. Spirit Sciences USA, Inc. is dedicated to making a positive contribution to society by pioneering a new category of health-related products into mainstream retail that focuses on harm reduction for adults who are exposed to health risks associated with alcohol and tobacco consumption.

RU-21 is available in GNC stores nationwide, and is scheduled to arrive in many other major national chains this fall. For additional information on RU-21, Spirit Sciences USA or the study findings, call (310) 568-1030.


Spirit Sciences USA, Inc. (www.spirit-sciences.com, www.ru21.com).end-of-story


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