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Ginseng Berry May Benefit Diabetics
Chicago IL, 28 May 2002

Recent research that will appear in the June issue of Diabetes (Vol 51, No 6, pages 1851-1858, June 2002) suggests that the ginseng berry may be better than ginseng root for controlling blood sugar.

Chun-Su Yuan, an assistant professor at the University of Chicago Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, indicates that the berry contains a seven-fold stronger concentration of ginsenoside Re, which is believed to be responsible for ginseng's effects on controlling blood sugar.

Diabetic mice that were injected with extractof Panax ginseng became normoglycemic and had improved glucose tolerance. The injected mice also lost weight, had reduced appetite and used more energy. Yuan plans to do small-group studies with people to study safety and efficacy of the extract.

However, results based on other mouse studies have not held true with human subjects, according to Vladimir Vuksan, a nutritionist at the University of Toronto who has studied use of American ginseng with diabetics.


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