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Red Clover Isoflavones Help Maintain Healthy Cholesterol In Menopausal Women
Stamford CT, 17 June 2002

Findings reported June 14th at the 10th World Congress on the Menopause in Berlin, Germany, have confirmed previous results indicating the health benefits for women who take the red clover isoflavone supplement Promensil™.

The study, reported by Dr. Arturo Jeri of the Institute of Gynecology and Reproduction in Lima Peru, was a double-blind placebo-controlled trial involving 100 menopausal women selected on the basis of having moderately elevated blood cholesterol.

The study finds that women taking Promensil™ for three months maintained cholesterol levels better than women taking a placebo. There were no adverse effects reported. This result builds on previous findings of a statistically significant improvement in the acute symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes among women using Promensil.

"This is an exciting study that gives further support to the link between red clover isoflavone supplements . . . and the maintenance of cardiovascular health in post-menopausal women," said Dr. Jeri.

"As women age and estrogen levels decline, their so-called 'good' HDL cholesterol levels fall. Therefore women should be looking for ways of maintaining healthy cholesterol levels during and after menopause," said Dr. Jeri.

"Many menopausal women are concerned about the type of product they should use to maintain cardiovascular and bone health during this time of their life and red clover isoflavones are now emerging as a viable alternative," said Professor Alan Husband, Research Director for Novogen.

Promensil™ contains a standardized, proprietary formulation of isoflavones, and is manufactured by Novogen Limited, a pharmaceutical company based in Sydney, Australia with offices in Stamford, Connecticut. Novogen is involved in drug discovery and the development of isoflavone supplements for disorders that are commonly associated with aging.


Novogen Limited, via PR Newswire.end-of-story


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