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Hyperhealth CD-ROM Contains 20,000 Pages Of Information About Supplements, Health And Disease
Carson City NV, 21 February 2003

Vitamin Research Products Acquires Exclusive US Distribution Rights of Health Encyclopedia

Vitamin Research Products recently acquired exclusive United States distribution rights to Hyperhealth CD-ROM, a health encyclopedia that is equivalent to 20,000 text pages.

The Hyperhealth CD-ROM is an easy-to-use encyclopedia that includes thousands of topics covering health strategies, herbs, foods and products for enhancing the mind, extending lifespan and improving health with natural remedies. For example, Hyperhealth describes

  • foods, herbs, and nutritional supplements to treat, prevent or alleviate 900 different ailments;
  • possible nutritional therapies to improve the function of each organ in the body;
  • 560 hormones and body chemicals, their role in health and how they operate within the body;
  • primary nutrients in 450 different foods;
  • possible therapeutic uses for 300 different herbs;
  • 1000 nutrients—including amino acids, bioflavonoids, carbohydrates, enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals—and how these nutrients can benefit health;
  • together with 340 pharmaceutical drugs, 1080 life-extension strategies, cosmeceuticals, diets, and alternative therapies.

Hyperhealth features an easy-to-use format. Each nugget of information is presented in a list format complete with 37,500 references to scientific studies. Vitamin Research Products says that health information in Hyperhealth is more dependable than sources on the World Wide Web because its information is backed by scientific research. Hyperhealth takes this scientific research and translates it into easily understood language.

Hyperhealth is an ideal vehicle for Vitamin Research Products (VRP), a company that has always been devoted to the science behind supplements. According to VRP President and CEO Robert Watson, "We believe that in bringing attention to Hyperhealth we will find our new VRP customers, ones who are interested in education and research."

The Hyperhealth CD-ROM can be used with IBM-compatible PCs and is not compatible with Macintosh machines. For more information (including an online demo), click on www.hyperhealth.com or call 1-800-877-2447.


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