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Novogen Gains Health Supplement Patent
Stamford CT, 3 December 2003

Novogen Limited has been granted the U.S. patent covering health supplements based on the use of soy isoflavones in tablet or capsule form.

This patent has been licensed worldwide, with the exception of Australia and New Zealand, to Solae LLC of St Louis, Mo. Solae is a joint venture of the DuPont Company and Bunge.

The issuance of the patent is a valuable addition to the patent portfolio of Novogen in the area of isoflavones and health supplements as well as an important licensing milestone between the Company and Solae.

Based upon this newly issued patent, Solae has initiated a new patent infringement suit in the U.S. against both Archer Daniels Midland Company and Amerfit Inc.

Novogen is also listed in Australia. The company manages its international research and development program using the expertise and clinical research capabilities of universities and hospitals in the U.S., Australia and other key international locations.


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