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Safety concerns for specific dietary supplements
January 1999

Information about the toxicity, allergies, interactions, and contraindications associated with specific dietary supplements may be found in the following reference works:

Botanical Safety Handbook
Published by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), this reference book provides readily accessible safety data in an easy-to-use classification system for more than 600 commonly sold herbs. It includes standard dosages, common toxicity concerns, and information relevant to prior health conditions, pregnancy, and nursing.
Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)
CRN has compiled information about dosage levels and possible adverse effects for two dozen of the most common vitamins and minerals. No Observed Adverse Effect Levels (NOAEL) and Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Levels (LOAEL) are published in their Functions and Safety charts on their website.
HealthWorld Online's Vitamins and Dietary Supplement Center
The HealthWorld Online website contains articles about every known vitamin and mineral, as well as many botanicals. The articles include information on dosage, safety, and toxicity.



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