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Creating a quality model for dietary supplements
January 1999

In order to strengthen both the fact and perception of quality in dietary supplements, an integrated, elaborated model based on science, broad-based participation and sustainable action is required. The topical areas outlined below begin to define the content of such a model and are offered for your comment.

  1. Centralized, accessible clinical data relating to both individual and summary studies and proof of efficacy.

  2. Publication of production and distribution standards based either on pharmacological practice or a generally agreed-upon alternative.

  3. Development of uniform testing standards and protocols.

  4. Creation of a standards-setting agency, the domestic equivalent of an International Standards Organization (ISO), to reconcile and promote supplement production standards through publications and audits.

  5. Creation of a National Dietary Supplements Quality Institute whose mission is to develop and promote quality testing through certified independent laboratories.

  6. The calling of a congress (The Dietary Supplement Quality Congress) chartered as a process-based organization whose mission is to provide both a forum and legislative body for academic and professional oversight of scientific research and technical application of dietary supplements.




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