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Is it difficult to register and give product ratings?

Register now to participate in our survey.

No, it's easy. All you need is a valid email address where you receive email. And registering to participate in the survey is free.

After you have registered, three simple steps let you rate any specific product and add a comment about your experience with that product. You can enter ratings of as many individual products as you wish. You can rate some products now, and others later. You can also change a rating if you make a mistake.

What about my privacy?

Ratings are anonymous, unless you want people to see your full email address. And since some people object to having "cookies" on their computer, we don't use them on our survey. Our privacy policy is that we do not sell, rent, lease or lend your email address to anyone.

Register today!

The benefits of participating in this SupplementQuality.com survey are clear: At no cost to you, you get to share your opinions about specific supplements, anonymously unless you specify otherwise, and you get to see everyone else's opinions too. Register now.

Your participation is vital to this pioneering work. Help us make it possible for consumers to see what people really think about specific supplements.


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