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Supplement Quality Opinion Survey

What kinds of information are in the survey?

Register now to participate in our survey.

For each individual product that a person rates, we ask for four pieces of information:

  • brand name (such as Solgar or CVS)
  • product name or ingredient (such as vitamin C)
  • rating, where +2 is highest quality and -2 is worst
  • comment (optional), where people can describe their experience

When you search our survey, the results will look like this:

Brand name Product Rating
Epitome Supplements calcium 70% from 5 people rating this product. (Show comments.)
Epitome Supplements vitamin C 81% from 4 people rating this product. (Show comments.)

Clicking on the Show comments link for the Epitome brand of calcium would produce a screen like this:

Rater Date Rating Comment
1@epitome.com Mar 15, 2003 100% Epitome calcium is great stuff.
21@here.com Mar 16, 2003 100% Chewable and delicious.
3@there.org Apr 1, 2003 75% It's cheap and seems to work fine.
17@web.net Apr 22, 2003 50% This may be fine for some people, but I had an allergic reaction.
6@myco.com Jul 15, 2003 25% It's cheap because it's poor quality. Doesn't pass the home dissolution test.

Register today!

The benefits of participating in this SupplementQuality.com survey are clear: At no cost to you, you get to share your opinions about specific supplements, anonymously unless you specify otherwise, and you get to see everyone else's opinions too. Register now.

Your participation is vital to this pioneering work. Help us make it possible for consumers to see what people really think about specific supplements.


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