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Folic acid and other vitamins for older people

As people get older, their capacity to absorb vitamins and other nutrients often gets weaker. Dietary supplements are thus a good strategy for improving one's health, fitness and wellness.

I'm getting older and want to stay active and healthy as long as I can. I've heard that older people need more vitamins. In particular, folic acid, B6, B12, and L-arginine.

If you wish to elevate your current health and prolong your years of health, vitality and life, possibly to a time when you can take advantage of major life extending breakthroughs, then all experts agree that several vitamins have well proven health benefits when taken in larger doses than can be obtained from food.

While each of the nutrients that you mentioned (folic acid, B6, B12, and L-arginine) are often inadequately supplied in the diet and you may benefit from supplementing them, many others are just as important. Taking a multivitamin pill is one method of getting plentiful dosages of all the most important nutrients.

What is a good amount of these nutrients to take?

SupplementQuality.com does not recommend specific dosages because individuals vary in their nutritional and supplementation needs. We recommend that you consult a knowledgeable healthcare provider.

Also, check out any of these online sources of information about specific vitamins.


Sources: Paul Wakfer (was Tom Matthews)




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