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Muscle gain supplements

Manufacturers of sports nutrition supplements claim their products can help athletes perform better, gain a competitive edge, and aid in body building. Are these claims justified?

Are there any supplements that can help me gain muscle weight?

First, make sure that your athletic diet contains more than 150 grams per day of highly complete protein, including lots of the amino acid glutamate which muscles require more than other tissue.

After that, the most important supplements are a full spectrum of antioxidants to prevent damage from the increased free radical load of exercise -- in particular both mixed vitamin E and that most important new antioxidant, alpha lipoic acid.

Do they have any side effects?

Information about side effects of weight-gain supplements is generally sparse and difficult to find. We recommend that you

  • read the literature that comes with the product, including the fine print;

  • call or write to the manufacturer, and ask if they have any reports of adverse events (which is a fancy term for negative side effects);

Do weight-gain supplements contain any steroids?

About steroids, we think that any hormone supplementation for athletes is unwise since the long-term effects of such powerful intervention with body systems is unknown and may be dangerous to your future health and lifespan.


Sources: Paul Wakfer (was Tom Matthews) & Wyn Snow




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