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Muscle building supplements for women

The past three decades has seen great increases in women's interest in sports and other athletic activities. Is what's good for the gander equally good for the goose?

What about muscle-building and recovery supplements for women? I've heard that research shows that supplements designed for men are of little value to women.

Except for hormonal effects, the biochemistry of muscle building and recovery is identical for men and women. Such things as amino acids, GH releasers, pyruvate, creatine (et cetera) all work the same for men and women.

Furthermore, even supplements that increase testosterone or prevent its conversion to estrogen -- and some other androgenic steroids -- will also help women build muscle. Of course, they also tend to create a more masculine appearance in other ways as well, some of which may be unwanted.

Are there any supplements or vitamins/minerals that will aid women in boosting strength, losing weight, and increasing recovery time?

Mostly the same ones that work for men. We can't think of any that would be special for women.


Sources: Paul Wakfer (was Tom Matthews)




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