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Selecting high quality vitamins and other dietary supplements

The proliferation of different formulas and brands of dietary supplements makes it confusing to decide which to buy -- whether you are looking for vitamins, minerals, other nutritional supplements or herbal products. The following question is typical of many that we receive at SupplementQuality.com.

How do I select a really good, high quality multivitamin?

Many good products contain the RDA (or its % Daily Value) of all the essential or required vitamins and minerals. The RDA or Recommended Dietary Allowances represent the amounts of nutrients necessary to meet the daily needs of most healthy people. These products allow you to feel confident that you are getting the essential or required vitamins and minerals you need to maintain good health and prevent disease.

However, if you are attempting to gain an added benefit from nutrition, you may want to look for a product with higher dosages of several nutrients that have been shown to be beneficial. In addition, there are many commercially available multivitamin and multimineral formulations tailored to an individual's age, sex, and state of health. Since people and their dietary intakes are highly individualized, it is not possible to create a single formulation that is optimal for everyone.

SupplementQuality.com does not recommend specific brands of multivitamins or other supplement products -- but see also how to judge the quality of brands you buy.


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