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Edward Fry

Ed Fry has worked for more than 30 years in virtually every phase of the dietary supplement business, ranging from the importation and procurement of raw materials, through formulation and marketing of consumer products, to the wholesale and retail distribution of supplements. Ed believes that the free flow of coherent, truthful, and empowering information is as essential to the well-being of consumers as the products themselves.

Paul Wakfer (was Tom Matthews)

Paul Wakfer served on our Quality Advisory Panel from April to October 2000 and answered many of the questions we received during that time. Paul is a mathematician, physicist, retired university professor, and computer entrepreneur who has been an avid reader of all things nutritional since adulthood. He is also a member of Life Extension Foundation (since 1981), the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Paul's knowledge of biology, medicine, biochemistry and nutrition is thorough and extensive. Paul is currently dedicating his time to his own website at morelife.org.

Louis Scarmoutzos, PhD

Louis Scarmoutzos served on our Quality Advisory Panel from June to December 2000, and has now joined our Scientific Advisory Board. Louis earned his PhD in organic chemistry and has worked extensively in the chemical, biotech, separations and natural products industries. He is a co-author of many peer-reviewed technical articles and holds several US patents.

Wyn Snow

Wyn Snow is the Managing Editor of SupplementQuality.com and occasionally answers nontechnical aspects of readers' questions. She is a knowledgable consumer of supplements and has read widely on the subject for more than thirty years. Until 2008, Wyn was a voting member of the Joint Committee on Dietary Supplements of NSF International, an organization that sets standards for testing of dietary supplement products and inspection of manufacturing plants for conformance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).



Meet our quality advisory panel.

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